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Uke N Sing: ukulele groups, workshops, festivals etc.

The Uke N Sing group which I started for beginners in Mt Eden early in 2011 has evolved into an ongoing Intermediate level group with around 20 players. I relinquished leadership of the group last year and happily it is now lead by Dave Parker of the Nukes. I play bass!
Over Summer I decided that I will no longer teach ukulele. I am moving my focus from leading choirs and uke groups towards playing and singing for my own enjoyment.
Here are some other teachers or groups that may be of interest to you:

Lyn Walters is running courses at Selwyn College for those who have the basics: Details here

The Facebook group, NZ Ukulele Network has a directory of groups around Auckland and New Zealand. If you are looking for a group to play with, or beginner lessons it is worth joining the group and having a look.

Lance Richardson runs a uke group suitable for basic level to intermediate players in Devonport. It is on a Monday evening, 7 - 9. Contact Lance on 021 796660,

Listen to Uke N Sing!
Dance Me to the End of Love
Struck Down by The Blues
Walkin' After Midnight
Tower of Song
La La Blues
Let Her Go

See the bottom of this page for links to songs, chord charts, strumming guides etc.

Ongoing Group:

Uke N Sing (Pt Chev)

This group has been playing for 8 years and is suitable for players who have a reasonable degree of playing experience and are looking for a challenge and to develop their skills. You can join any time
THe group is now under the leadership of Dave Parker (Nukes). Email organiser Lyn at if you are interested in joining. I am enjoying a stint as the Bass player.
Wednesday evenings, 6:00 - 7:00.
ONE TWO SIX, 126 Point Chevalier Road

Basic Resources

Uke Info and Resources Sheet
Strumming techniques

Basic Chord chart with fingering
Full Chord Chart

Easy songs in the Key of C
Easy songs in the Key of G

Hey Jude
Knocking on Heavens Door
Da Doo Ron Ron / Never Ending Love
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Key: F)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Key: C)
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Sway with strumming notation

Reading Tabs and Songs with notated riffs
How to read Tabs (plucking notation)
Octopus's Garden with riffs
When I'm 64
El Condor Pasa / Rock My Soul Tab

El Condor Pasa MP3
Rock My Soul MP3
Sway with intro and strumming notation
Sway strumming MP3
Sway intro riff MP3

Links to a whole bunch of great songs and tutorial sites
Links document